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Local Employee First Ammendment Protections

Hello Sunshine Request,
Can you please contact the following local government entities within Buncome County:

Buncome County
Biltmore Forrest
Black Mountain

And request the following:

1. A list of all current employees and their religious status: Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, Pagan, etc. While a excel file containing names is preferable for transparency a number ratio will be acceptable. This should include anyone who is non practicing but decended from a people or faith tradition that is at risk of discrimination or marginalization.

2. Any policy that protects employees of minority religions from discrimination.

3. Any educational programs programs for supervisors specifically aimed at addressing a managers’ bias toward a religion. The past 3 years will do.

4. Any non-Christian holidays provided to all staff as an official non work day. That is: protection for a Muslim or Jew takes a day off but their co-workers are in attendance reinforcing a stereotype of “other” and someone not shouldering an equal burden.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Status: In Review